AirScene™ 100

For our wellbeing, it is beyond imperative that the indoor air we breathe is of the highest quality, while we are within the public building spaces where we live, work, eat, play, gather and stay. This is especially true at this point in time, given the devastating effects that COVID-19 has brought and continues to bring upon us all.

Digital screens installed in those same spaces may also deliver significant value, via advertisements that offer cost saving opportunities on the products and services we want to purchase, along with interactive content that entertains and informs.

So, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a dual purpose device that accomplished both tasks?

A device that scientifically purified our indoor air to levels as high as 99.9%, using a combination of the most advanced air purification technologies available, and at the same time presented that interactive content on its built-in Digital screen to the patrons of your business who we call Viewer Consumers?

And all the while, the entire solution is free to each hosting location, as in FREE?

Well, that fantastic device now exists and we call it the AirScene™ 100.

Our AirScene™ 100 Perfect Host Program

At Sunview Integrated Solutions, we have embarked on the launching our AirScene™ 100 Perfect Host Program, that is leading to the nationwide buildout of the Sunview Network.

The Sunview Network is a network of AirScene™ 100 devices that deliver both Air Purification and local community based advertising opportunities at the same time.

As such, we are now actively seeking interested parties (venue owners/operators – we call them Perfect Hosts), each owning or managing multiple venues with high people traffic, to host an AirScene™ 100 in one or more strategic locations on their premises.

The venue types that best fit our Perfect Host profile include Waiting Areas, Elevators, Lobbies and Concourses, as well as Public Transportation Vehicles and many other businesses.

The Perfect Host Evaluation and Onboarding Process

The Perfect Host evaluation process involves the completion of a single, simple form, so to start the process, please complete our Location Eligibility Form using the button below.

Any and all Perfect Host candidates that match the qualifications to optimize our Sunview Integrated Solutions product line will be immediately contacted, to take the next step of onboarding them into the AirScene™ 100 Perfect Host Program.

And it gets even better – Besides being FREE to the Venue Host, at specified times after the start of their contract, they will begin to receive commission fees based upon the ad revenues derived through the AirScene™ 100s that are deployed in their respective venues.

The Benefits for Advertisers

Advertisers that promote their products and services by onboarding their campaigns onto our network of AirScene™ 100 devices will benefit in a multiplicity of ways.

The Benefits for Viewer Consumers

Viewer Consumers that spend time in venues where an AirScene™ 100 is installed gain many significant benefits including shorter perceived wait times, product discounts and valuable rewards points.