The Benefits for Viewer Consumers

Viewer Consumers that spend time in venues where an AirScene™ 100 is installed gain many significant benefits including shorter perceived wait times, product discounts and valuable rewards points.

  • The knowledge that their best interests are top of mind for the venue host and the supporting advertisers alike, especially given the prevailing dangers brought upon us by COVID-19 and other rampant airborne pathogens.
  • The fact that, at the same time, their perceived wait times in those venues will be shorter, through the opportunity to interactively bide their time with activities that are personally of direct interest to them.
  • Being incentivized to participate in our AirScene™ 100 Loyalty/Rewards Program, through which they will be rewarded for their content-related activities, as well as their purchases.
  • Knowing that they are spending time on the premises of businesses that take their health and safety very seriously, by hosting an AirScene™ 100, built upon the most advanced air purification technologies available.
  • The ability to use their own mobile devices (smartphones, smartwatches and tablets), to access interactive content that will shorten their perceived wait times, while providing them with a simple mechanism to accomplish many items on their day’s to-do list, while they are waiting to be served.
  • By opting into our AirScene™ 100 Loyalty/Rewards Program and filling out a personalized profile, through which they will provide us with their zero-party data, they will receive only the content and product offers that match their own interests.
  • Benefits that Viewer Consumers receive by providing us with their zero-party data include the ability to receive relevant 1:1 experiences, leading to refined ways of discovering new products and services to purchase and on top of that, be rewarded with discounts and other promotional benefits applied to each completed transaction.
  • We will use only Zero-party data meaning that we will never acquire their personal information from a third-party provider (including cookie tracking databases), a second-party provider (a marketing partner) or a first-party provider (other public data sources).
  • We will also secure their personal data with the utmost of care and will never share it with any third party outside of our business ecosystem.