SunView Integrated Solutions products are beyond comparison to other providers in the industry.

As the world’s population has become increasingly inundated with dangerous pathogens and their ever-evolving variants, a comprehensive and consistent approach is desperately needed to turn that tide, by making public spaces as healthful and safe as possible.

From COVID-19 to MRSA, e-Coli, Norovirus, multiple forms of mold and other life-threatening pathogens, the need for truly effective and affordable solutions has never been greater.

With this goal clearly in mind, SunView Integrated Solutions (a division of SunView LED) has assembled an all-inclusive product line, comprised of an array of products that feature Sterilizing Air Purification and optimally tuned UVC light as their core capabilities.

Specifically, our product line consists of 16 different models, purpose designed and built to be deployed in a wide variety of high-traffic locations, including schools and school buses, hospitals, hotels, public transit vehicles and passenger terminals, cruise ships and many more.

In terms of the placement of our products within facilities, including inside their elevators and other enclosed high-risk spaces, we offer models that are designed to be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, movable from area to area (on wheels) or placed within the building’s duct work.

From an operational perspective, our products are either activated via a physical on/off switch or alternately, they are operated through secure remote command and control software, available through a computer-accessed dashboard or a mobile device app.