Ceiling Mount

The SIS-100-BC by Sunview Integrated Solutions is a ceiling mounted Air Purification device for school, transit and shuttle buses.

Optional Accessories

Product Information
Air Volume: 220 m³/h (129 CFM)
Application Area: 100 m² (1076 ft²)
Shell Material: Aluminium alloy
Weight: 3 kg (6.7 lbs)
Product Size: 500x340x60 mm (19.7×13.4×2.4 inches)
Noise: ≤50 dB
Filter Type: Primary filter

Rated Voltage: 12V DC / 24V DC
Power: 26 W
Lithium Battery:
Charging Mode:

Ionization Tube
Quantity: 2 pcs
Size: 80 mm (3.15 inches)
Estimated Tube Life: 17000 Hours
Material: Various composite materials, stainless steel outer mesh

The SIS-100-BC utilizes Plasma Ionization-based Air Purification technologies to eradicate pathogens, mold, noxious fumes and odors from the interior of public transportations of all types, including school, transit and shuttle buses, trolley/cable cars and both commuter and long-distance trains.

  • App
  • Remote control
  • Ion quantity control system

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