The Benefits for Perfect Hosts

Installing an AirScene™ 100 in your place of business and being an active participant on our Sunview Network rewards Perfect Hosts with an array of benefits, from both a revenue generating and a market visibility standpoint.

  • Instant recognition that your business takes the health and safety of both your Viewer Consumers and your staff very seriously.
  • An unprecedented opportunity to differentiate your business by delivering multiple points of value, above and beyond those provided by your hyperlocal and local competitors.
  • People tend to prefer purchasing goods or services from businesses, of both the bricks-and-mortar and online variety, that reward them for their brand loyalty and the AirScene™ 100 Loyalty/Rewards Program that we are crafting will provide the platform for those incentives to be delivered to your Viewer Consumers.
  • The time spent in one place (your doctor’s office waiting room, for example), is referred to as the dwell time and if your business requires that your patrons spend incremental amounts of time waiting to be served or attended to, their perceived wait times will be shortened by the engaging interactive content presented on the AirScene™ 100 installed on your premises.

In effect, the interactive content presented to your Viewer Consumers becomes a welcome distraction that entertains and informs them, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to shop and save.

  • Maximize your profitability by seamlessly providing product and service upsell opportunities (dentists offering supplementary services like teeth whitening, for example).
  • Increase the level of engagement with your Viewer Consumers by introducing them to you and your staff members via onscreen bios and by showing your good citizenry via the onscreen promotion of hyperlocal and local charitable causes and events.
  • Preferred ad rates are offered to Perfect Hosts that choose to advertise on our Sunview Network indoor Digital Out of Home (DOOH) community advertising platform that is rolling out in cities across the U.S. and Canada.